Would you like an hour, free of charge, to talk about putting a Will in place or to review your current Will? You can, without any obligation on your part.

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During our meeting we’ll consider the eventualities in life that could affect your wishes and to make you are aware of all the options available to you. I will ensure that you achieve the protection and certainty you require, so that you can be confident that the ones you care for most will benefit fully from your inheritance.

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About Brenda

In 2014 I re-trained and qualified to become an Estate Planner to enable me to assist people of all ages to plan how they would like to protect their family, property and assets. This was an ideal career change for me as I’ve always been interested in Legal Matters; I studied Business Law at College and I was a Magistrate in North West Durham for several years.

I’m at an age where I’ve seen what can happen within families when suitable planning isn’t in place, and the resulting needless devastation, heartache & expense. I’m passionate about helping families ensure that what they’ve worked long and hard for is left to those they intend.

I’ve always been an active member of the Community as a former school governor and a member of various committees.

I’m fortunate to have a growing family of Grandchildren, I’m a keen walker, cook and gardener. I’m a member of a local community Samba Band and I’m often found at local events.

Areas of Practice

Business Continuity

For business owners, passing on a family business in the most tax efficient way should be part of your Legacy Planning. I also provide other forms of business protection including Business Powers of Attorney, Shareholders, Partnership and Cross Option Agreements…….

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Powers of Attorney

How would your partner or family manage if you had an accident or illness and couldn’t manage your own affairs? 
Illness or accident can affect us at any age and it could just be temporary……

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Wills, Trusts & Legacy Planning

I understand that making a Will might not be top of your priority list, but it’s easy to do and you’ll have Peace of Mind that your loved ones will be taken care of and your assets distributed according to your wishes……

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I’ve seen the devastating consequences of not having a Will in place and the problems in can cause within families, don’t you owe it to your loved ones to protect their future?

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  • Brenda has a wealth of knowledge and bags of patience. highly recommended

    thumb Charlotte Turner

    5 star review  Brenda is fantastic, she's helpful, professional and friendly.

    thumb Simon Ben Oxley

    Brenda did a talk at a business club I attend recently about how to protect ourselves and our families financially when it comes to wills, trusts and power of attorney. She explained things really closely and gf as definitely given me did for thought, so great to hear someone discussing protecting the many what if, so you don't have to work then out for yourself. Highly recommended

    thumb Sara Phillips

    I attended an overview session with Brenda today looking at personal and business resilience in the event of illness, disability or death. Brenda really knows her stuff and I have already arranged my will and family trust through her. Highly recommended as someone who talks in everyday terms and gets the right package to meet your needs.

    thumb Peter Surridge
  • Brenda gave a talk on protecting yourself and your business to a group of local businesses. VERY knowledgeable, REALLY easy to understand, and ABSOLUTELY took the fear out of some of the processes involved, definitely recommend Brenda

    thumb Joanne Rowland

    5 star review  I've known Brenda for over a year now and I'd happily recommend her to anyone who needs advice and guidance regarding Wills, Trusts and Legacy Planning.

    thumb Melanie Cant

    5 star review  I 1st met Brenda at a networking event where I said to her: "My situation is a bit complicated" to which she replied: "Everyone's situation is complicated!" and put me right at ease. She was probably right too!! I have now sorted my will out from the comfort of my own home as Brenda came to me twice. She was so patient and lovely whilst being professional and getting me to think properly about things. I feel better now knowing everything is in place and I have an up-to-date will. Thank you Brenda! I strongly recommend your services!

    thumb Nathalie Paris

    Brenda has that rare combination of extensive knowledge and the ability to communicate it clearly and appropriately. I attended an introductory session for sole traders and came away confident that I knew what my next steps need to be. Thank you Brenda.

    thumb Nora Cool

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Linden House, 24 Vindomora Road, Ebchester. DH8 OPR

Mobile: 07813156713

Office: 01207 562180

Email: legalservices@brendabeveridge.co.uk