Wills, Trusts & Legacy Planning

I understand that making a Will might not be top of your priority list, but it’s easy to do and you’ll have Peace of Mind that your loved ones will be taken care of and your assets distributed according to your wishes. 

Life gets hectic and that writing your Will may not be at the top of your priority list but it is important to do, and it’s easier than you think!

These are just some of the reasons to make a Will.  The list goes on……………

Do you want to have control over where your assets go or should you let the Crown decide?  I doubt that decisions made by the Crown will be in accordance with your wishes.

Do you want the courts to decide what will happen to your children? By naming guardians you can decide who will look after them.

Would you like to make gifts to relatives, friends or charities? You can’t without a Will

 Do you think your spouse will get everything?  That’s not necessarily the case and if you’re unmarried they might not get anything!

Do you have children from a previous marriage? A Will is important to ensure that they receive the proportion of your estate that you intend for them to have.

 Have you re-married since you made your Will? Your Will is now invalid, you need a new one!