Powers of Attorney

How would your partner or family manage if you had an accident or illness and couldn’t manage your own affairs? 

 Illness or accident can affect us at any age and it could just be temporary.  Don’t leave it to chance, appoint Attorneys now and save a lot of potential heartache and expense for your family. We are now living longer than ever before and as a consequence, the likelihood of us losing capacity at some point whether through dementia, illness or accident is far more likely.

It is often assumed that if we are unable to look after our own affairs that those closest to us would simply take over and make decisions about our finances and health care.

Sadly, without Lasting Powers of Attorney in place, the reality is considerably more complicated and the burden placed on loved ones can be financially, physically and emotionally devastating.

Bank accounts and other assets can be frozen preventing access to your funds; and an application will have to be made to the Court of Protection to appoint a deputy who might not be who you would choose to handle your affairs.